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Cover for The Ghost at Beaverhead Rock

Coming in 2015!

The Ghost at Beaverhead Rock haunts Dan's return home when a sentence he voted for six months previously is carried out -- on a man who has no feet. Haunted by the ghost of a hanged man, when the new Deputy Sheriff accuses him of murdering his wife's first husband, Dan must find the real murderer or face the same fate he helped to visit on others.

As I've written on Facebook and elsewhere, I discovered an historical error that has led to rewriting the entire novel. It will be a much better book when I do bring it out!

The Vigilante Quartet

The Vigilantes of Montana were men forced to make dangerous decisions where ruffians ruled and murder was tolerated. They took action against a criminal conspiracy of armbed robbery and murder and made what is now Southwest Montana safe for honest people.

Over the four books of the Vigilante Quartet (shown in the left sidebar) I tell the story of how they established the law where none existed (1863-1865).

In God's Thunderbolt, New York attorney Daniel Stark comes to Alder Gulch to get enough gold to redeem his family from debt and disgrace. But before he can go home with his treasure, a friend's murder leads him to prosecute the murderer in a makeshift miners court. Enough evidence emerges to indicate widespread criminal activity that only a secret Vigilante organization can fight.

In The Devil in the Bottle the Vigilantes have completed their work and Alder Gulch is safe. Dan and the other Vigilantes establish a "People's Court" to try crimes through due process of law. But a month later, Joseph "Jack" Slade goes on another bender, and challenges the Vigilantes and their Court. Dan and the others must either persuade Slade to go home or surrender their authority to the chaos he creates. But Slade has committed no capital crime.

Gold Under Ice takes Dan home to New York. He does not have enough gold to pay the debt, so he risks it all on the trading floor of the Gold Room. When he realizes someone is trying to steal his gold, he sets out to track the culprit, but not until a close friend is murdered does he learn the plot lies too close to home.